About Better Bods
Better Bods was designed for people who just do not like "going to the gym." Better Bods brings the gym to you.

This unique system of shaping yourself up can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Working with the Better Bods system involves a small initial cost only.
The video tapes are progressive, safe, effective and easy to follow. Your own personal trainer, Rachel Tomkinson, is with you without the ongoing expense of private tuition.

The currently available tapes are suitable for beginners or intermediate level enthusiasts. Advanced cross training programmes will be launched in the near future so please watch the 'Products' page of this web site.

Better Bods is promoted through a number of avenues such as local schools, resistance band classes, free local 'warrant of fitness' checks as well as nationwide speaking engagements.

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As a guest speaker and Motivator to primary and high schools she promotes the importance of strength training exercises. These good habits formed in the school years are easily carried into adulthood.

About Rachel
Rachel is a happily married, devoted wife and a warm hearted mother. She and her husband Wayne, who is a qualified builder, have one young daughter, Renee. The family is based in Timaru, in the centre of the South Island of New Zealand.

Rachel has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their fitness goals. This is reflected in her driving passion to convey the vital message of how fitness prevents obesity and it's associated diseases.

To Rachel, obtaining and maintaianing the best possible health should not be a formidably expensive project ! In her approach to training you need absolutely minimal equipment and yet the exercise can be both interesting and fun. Rachel's primary objective is the creation of resources that enable health and fitness to be brought into your home at minimal cost.

An involvement in the community is, to Rachel, a key part of everyday life. Whether in schools or with sports teams she invariably brings the message that total health is a goal of personal choice.

Wayne Rachel & Renee
Rachel has been actively involved in many sports:
          4 Body Sculpturing
          4 NZ Aerobic Championships
          4 English Ultra-Fit Competitions
          4 English Triathlon's

Rachels most greatly prized qualification is the result that she has
achieved with her own body. It is this result that has given her the confidence to say.......That your workouts can also be safe and effective, that you too can become fitter, that your body can also be beautifully toned and what is most important, that like Rachel, you can feel that life is just 'so much better !'.

Even the Big Guys listen to Rachel.
Rachel addressing a group school children.

Rachel herself, is the living evidence that what she says is not
merely theory.

It is so wonderful that she wants to share it with you.....

Rachels Qualifications
Rachel has been involved in the health and fitness
profession for over 15 years.
Her many formal qualifications include:

          4 NZ State Registered Nurse (RGN)
          4 Qualified Personal Trainer (FI)
          4 Certified Boxercise Instructor
          4 Qualified Massage Therapist (IIHHT - VAI)

Rachel founded and developed Better Bods which, under her ownership
and operation, brings health & fitness to your own home.
Her nationwide Educational & Motivational Speaking Program is available
without fee, in association with Aoraki Polytechnic. Please contact us for more information.

*certain criteria apply

The 'Old' Rachel
The 'New' Rachel
Home Training
Primary School Fitness Classes &
Educational 'Theme' Speaking
'Warrant of Fitness' check.