BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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Name Date Topic  
Carol 17/07/04 How often should I train to get my body back in shape? Read
Kim 17/07/04 How often should I do resistance/weight training? Read
Christine H 30-06-04 Is it possible to get a flat tummy again after having 4 children Read
Sally 20-07-04 Would your video benefit me? Read
Donald 20-07-04 Background of myo-facial problems Read
Debbie 4oct2004 Breastfeeding Mum Read
Paul A 31/01/05 Lower back exercises Read
bridget 28/02/05 mobile personal training Read
Lee 22/06/05 Health & Fitness Read
Cherie.B. 6/12/05 Will your classes improve my bones? Read
Rae 19/05/06 Flu Read
stacey 21/8.06 I need help! Read
Jackie B 8/9/06 Gaining strength without losing weight Read
Lynn B 14th sept been walking 14 weeks, not losing weight Read
roz wilson 21/12/06 thyroid Read
sara 28/12/06 arthritis Read
Paula 17/01/07 organic meats Read
sue 21/01/07 tone and skin Read
Chris 14.3.07 Sleepless /restless nights Read
Louise Wynn 20.3.07 Low GI food Read
sharon m 19/04/07 day time band fit Read
Tim Coleman 12/07/07 Cholesterol Read
Carmen 01/08/07 Acid Indigestion Read
joanna robinson 12/08/07 eczema Read
Philippa 12/09/07 Bread ? Read
Sandi S 24/09/07 Depression/Panic attacks Read
Lain H 30 9 2007 cycling Read
julie Whittington 13/11/07 Soy products Read

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"Our bodies are like 'hire purchase' agreements. If we do not keep up the regular payments, or damage the goods (by eating poorly and not quality excercising) - they get repossessed.
Sometimes sooner than we want".