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Just checking to see if your video would be of benefit to me. I am age 55, 5'3' and 75kg's. I am on a healthy eating plan to
try and get my weight down. I had lower back surgery in 1990. I have to be careful. I have just had a clear angiogram
so I know now that I can do some exercise. What equipment would I need at home and what size weights.
Thanks - Sally

My simple answer, YES ! Everyone needs some weight/resistance training. As we age we begin to lose lean muscle
tissue and gain fat which slows down our metabolic rate. In turn we gain even more weight! Food is not our enemy
-weight training is our friend! It will help your back by strengthening core stability muscles - primarily your abdominals.

Whether at the gym or not, incorrect techniques can do more harm than good. My videos explain the equipment needed
and provide you with a personal trainer for a safe and effective workout!

Have you had clients with a chronic background of myo-facial problems who have followed your training system? If so,
has there been substantial and lasting improvement?
Thanks - Donald
Yes, a Timaru woman, aged 54, who at the outset was virtually unable to walk, had spent many months receiving very
highly specialised massage from a very competent practitioner. She was refered to me at that stage having gained some
mobility and relief from pain. She undertook regular weight training, and after some months wrote this: "It is not a problem
now to carry heavy bags of groceries or to spend hours gardening. I can wholeheartedly recommend this means of losing
fat, toning the body shape and increasing strength.......".

How often should I do resistance/weight training?
Thanks Kim
This is a very good question. For long term health benefits, I believe you will be more consistent with 1 to 2 times per week. This will be far more achievable, and will be still effective. If you do this type of exercise too often, you are not allowing your body enough rest and/or recovery time, so can actually regress, rather than progress! Plus you can easily lose interest if doing too much.

How does resistance training burn body fat?
Thanks Sal
As we age we lose lean muscle tissue, and this is replaced with fat. The best exercise to preserve lean muscle tissue is resistance training. The more lean muscle tissue we have, the more nutrients and oxygen is required to the muscle. This then raises our metabolic rate............to burn long term body fat!

"Our bodies are like 'hire purchase' agreements. If we do not keep up the regular payments, or damage the goods - they get repossessed. Sometimes sooner than we want".