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Is Alzheimer’s Reversible?

My Grandma`s story



Like many, I am extremely close to my Grandma and love her dearly. Over the last five years, her deteriorating health has worsened and as a result, both my grandparents have been living with my folks. Most people live with the belief that the elderly inevitably suffer serious disease. My Grandma said that she just wanted to die eating her favourite lollies and ice-cream. I pleaded with her over her view of life but to no avail. Many might say, “Well, she is 84 years of age. Why bother”?

She made numerous visits to her doctor. She was on a cocktail of pills. She had diabetes pills, fluid pills and sleeping pills. She had been given medication for depression for over 50 years. She had medication for incontinence. She was taking calcium.


For the past year in particular, we started noticing some odd behaviour, muddled talk, seeing and feeling “insects” on her. The only answers seemed to be more and more medications. Because she found it so difficult to eat meat, practically speaking she had become a vegetarian. This year, 2010, just a few weeks prior to Easter, with the noticeable decline in Grandma`s mental health, I suggested she have a Homocysteine Test. As she was on such a cocktail of drugs and imbibing generous amounts of goo in processed foods, not to mention her very low animal protein consumption, I suspected her homocysteine reading would be high. My suspicion was correct. At 35 umol it was well above the normal and healthy levels of between 5 and 15umol. I knew Grandma had to reduce these levels immediately.


Conventional treatment appears to focus on Vitamin B12 and folate. My theory is that it is crucial to avoid any further goo triggers while increasing the Vitamin B12 and folate from natural sources. Sadly this thinking was ignored. Easter arrived and grandma had plenty of GOO chocolate eggs. Grandma snapped. She went from being the most quiet, loving and kindly soul you could meet, to a violent, angry, swearing, cursing, shouting and mixed up wreck. We had lost our Grandma. She could no longer behave sensibly. It was just so hard to believe what had happened. This cruel disease left her no longer able to recognise us, communicate with us or even feed herself.


She visited doctors, nurses and psychologists. They informed us there was no cure and that she could only be managed by yet more drugs to help her 'settle'. It seemed there was no hope. Having worked as a nurse in a dementia wing, I could immediately see where she was heading. Nobody wants to see their loved ones ending their last days like this.

At home Grandma became very abusive. She refused her medications. Having been informed by the system that no pills could really help Grandma anyway, I was effectively left to do what I could by myself. I had to try because we had nothing to lose.


As she had stopped taking medications, it gave me the opportunity to put together a REAL food plan with foods that effectively became her new medicines. I fed her on something I knew she would like, home-made ice cream - cream, raw milk, raw honey, bananas and herbal white tea). At this early stage I gave her eggs/veggies/butter mixed. We noticed a huge difference within a week! She started to communicate and to feed herself. She became calm and gentle again.


Amazingly all these medical conditions, for which she was having all these medications, just disappeared! She had normal blood glucose levels, no longer had fluid build up (blood pressure was normal), was starting to sleep through the night. She had no further incontinence and could once again toilet independently. She went back to the psychologist. Eyebrows lifted with amazement: she was no longer on any medications.

Clearly, there was much healing work ahead but she was well on her way. Her disease was not progressing but regressing. However, after a fantastic few weeks, we started noticing a decline again, and couldn`t understand why. Knowing that even slight dietetic variations can upset the early stages of recovery from such serious sickness, I talked to my mum, probing to find out if any foods had been changed. She explained what Grandma was eating.


Firstly she was still not eating meat, though she had plenty of eggs. Cooked tomatoes were being eaten daily (a naturally high source of free glutamic acid) and then to my horror, I discovered her twice daily soup meals contained garlic powder (a major source of goo). I knew that with such a serious disease, the body cannot cope with any goo.
A relapse so soon was a major problem and I knew it would be a harder task to get Grandma back on track.


Sleepless nights were the worst worry for my folks, so they decided to see if Grandma would take one of the pills she had been taking for 50 years, to see if it would temporarily help. While it helped Grandma sleep better, she became more muddled with her speech and tended to babble or call out most of the day.
Grandma continued on her very good diet, with pureed meats, eggs, veggies, lots of cream and butter, home-made ice cream, etc but at this stage she had to be fed again. Things not only seemed bad but they became worse. Grandma had a nasty looking inflamed wart on her hand that was hurting her. My own thoughts were that at this stage it was crucial to avoid antibiotics or any other medications. I felt it just needed lancing and the puss drained out.

After lancing the wart, her doctor insisted she needed antibiotics and so she was given them. The effect was well noticed the next morning with her very violent screaming and crude behaviour. I investigated and discovered that the antibiotics contained aspartame, the worst source of goo imaginable. In combination with the medication for depression things were again going from bad to worse. My folks could no longer cope and I just had to take over her care and try to get her back on track again.

As all her words were muddled, she was not able to communicate with me. It was hard to know whether she realised that her pills were damaging her badly and that she was trying to tell me this. What does one do? I thought it best to remove the pills. It was a very hard week with her unpredictable aggressive behaviour and the complete absence of rational verbal communication. It took until the seventh night for Grandma to finally sleep!

I persevered because I had great FAITH in what I have learned about the medical effect of correctly used foods. My LOVE for my Grandma made the sacrifice worthwhile. It has now been two weeks since Grandma has been off all medications and her recovery has been truly amazing. She has stayed with her WHOO HOO foods. She is now loving and laughing. She is calmer and communicating. She is starting to feed herself again. She has of course, more healing ahead.


The doctors told us Grandma would not get well but now I can show others that there is HOPE - undiminished by great age or apparent incur-ability. The healing of our less than one year old daughter Jenna from eczema and allergies and the healing of my 84 year old Grandma from Alzheimer`s, diabetes, incontinence, fluid retention and depression were done in exactly the same way, by removing the goo from the food and healing the body with good fats, which include plenty of saturated fats. The only difference with Grandma was that we used more home- made goo free ice-cream.

You never know what is round the corner. It is far easier to prevent these cruel ailments than wait for them to emerge.
Does this story not suggest, that when we are plagued with incorrect information, that PROFIT, COMFORT and CONVENIENCE can furnish the ground in which disease can flourish?

For myself, cure is in PREVENTION. My food is my medicine....



Rach x


August Gran`s set back

Wow, these last 3 weeks have been very tough. Not only did grandma break her arm, had major constipation but she also had a very severe urinary tract infection, which did not help her head!

When she arrived via ambulance at the Timaru hospital she was in a right state. Calling out, being crude, aggressive and very muddled. At one stage I thought there just maybe no hope left for her.

Many people throughout the hospital had witnessed my grandma, and could not believe she was not being looked after in a nursing home/dementia wing. It saddens me to think that for most this is their only option.

I knew that because grandma went back on some of her old medications for a month, as well as those antibiotics has disrupted her deep down I knew I just needed a bit more time to get her back on track again, with good bowel and water works function.

At this stage this was too much for my folks and my grandad to look after her, once she was discharged from hospital.

Her arm thank goodness only had to be in a sling, and because she broke her arm, they decided to take a urine sample and this is when we discovered her severe urinary infection (UTI). Again more antibiotics were prescribed.

This was a very difficult decision, as I knew more medications were just going to aggrevate her dementia, like they did last time, but at the same time had to treat this UTI.

Because she was under my care, I decided to opt for natural treatments. Most of Grandmas last 5 years was on antibiotics for UTI`s, so hence why I decided it was time to try something else.

I mixed up what I call the ABCDE drink. This was a blend of raw milk, cream, herbal white tea, olive oil, coconut oil, fresh cranberries, grapes, raw eggs, raw honey, kiwi fruit and frozen berries. Basically grandma had this drink for 3 days via me syringing it into her, as she was not wanting to eat or drink herself. Another week of sleepless nights.

It seemed a long time before I finally started seeing the light again, as she was pretty much back to where she was. However I perservered and the amazing first sign was a normal bowel motion, and noticed that this large cyst that had grown on her wrist, was getting smaller and smaller. Her urine was becoming clear and no longer had an offensive smell.

Within 3 weeks she had become much calmer and co-operative, and could finally make sense of what she was saying. Her appetite is back and eating porridge, lots of cream and raw honey for breakfast, home made ice cream for snacks, and for her meals has been liver, eggs, veggies with lots of cream added. She is living back at home with my folks and my grandad (on a very strict WHOO HOO way of eating). To think 3 weeks ago, my family was pretty much saying good bye to her, as my uncle was up and thought there was no hope when he saw her. There is no denying now that food can either work for us or against us, and this truly is a miracle when you know the whole truth. I am looking forward to taking her back to the hospital, so they can finally meet my loving and sane grandma, that no longer has dementia.

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