Rachel takes 'theme' speaking in primary schools, educating and motivating children to fitness. It's fun.

.......Hi, my name is Super Better Bod! I feel 'super'..... I eat well and exercise regularly. Do you have a push bike? Ever had a flat tyre? If so you'll know how hard it is to pedal. It's .. sluggish!
Our muscles are like bike tyres. If we do not 'pump' them up with good food and exercise, we feel .... sluggish.

4 Breakfast is important. we can feel 'Super' Better Bods Kids.
4 Our water bottle is important! Lots of water will make you,              
'Cool' Better Bods Kids                                                            
4 Fast foods, lollies, chips & fizzy drinks are OK for a treat but too      
often, they have us beat!                                                             

So stick with me and you will feel great 'Every Day'

Remember - Exercise + Good Food + Water = Better Kids
When you get home, just tell your folk,
That what I tell you is no joke,
We need our greens, we need our grain,
The solid foods to feed our brain,
And lots of fruit and lots of veg,
So we can scoot and jump the hedge,
Clean water's what we need to drink,
It makes us stronger, helps us think

Drinking fizz and sucking lollies,
Makes us sickly white like dollies,
Too much sugar makes us quiver,
Makes us feel like chopped up liver,
It's great to change, lets start today,
And we'll feel great in every way,
Good food with exercise are best,
To give us life-long health and zest

Good habits developed in early years carry through to adulthood.
To see whether you would like Super Better Bod to come to your school 'Contact Us' for details
Super Better Bod
Ted Bad Bod
Up - Up and away- with Super Better Bod
Exercise is great fun when training with Super Better Bod
'Super Better Bods' song
What`s Available:
4 Super Better Bod, 1 hour "theme" presentation is free to local primary schools.

Fun style, interactive show on healthier lifestyle options for kids.

4 Rotational local primary school, weekly 30 minute lunch time exercise classes. $2.00 per child. Held on Thursdays.

Great fun exercise classes with Super Better Bod. Kids love this, and its a great way in forming good exercise habits whilst they are young, so it will carry through with them into adulthood.
4 Rotational Super Better Bod, free local primary school walking bus. Thursdays 8.20am, rain, hail or shine. Different      meeting place for each school.

Get the kids walking to school with Super Better Bod. Definately more than just a "walk" to school, Super Better Bod, has a lot more tricks up her sleave that the kids will thoroughly enjoy!

Note: Contact Super Better Bod, if you would like any of these in place at your school!
Primary School Fun Workout with
Super Better Bod.