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Bread without the goo makes sellout debut

By JOHN BISSET - The Timaru Herald

Last updated 05:00 30/04/2010

Organic bread

JOHN BISSET/Timaru Herald

FAR FROM HALF-BAKED: Mays Bakery Timaru manager Andy Trustrum has teamed up with Rachel Tomkinson and produced a new bread for sale around the South Island.

Mays Bakery manager Andy Trustrum and anti-goo activist Rachel Tomkinson have joined forces to commercially produce natural organic bread.

Mrs Tomkinson said: "There's no bread out there that's made like this. There are too many preservatives, or what I call hidden goos, in today's foods. We have made a traditional loaf like grandma would make a hundred years ago."

The locally baked bread is made using only natural products including organic flour, wild honey, sea salt and dripping.

Production of the bread started on Wednesday and it sold out then and yesterday.

The bread will be available in supermarkets throughout the South Island within the next month.

There has been a lot of tweaking and tasting to get the mixture just right, Mrs Tomkinson said. "We have used dripping as a natural preservative which also provides taste and helps the grains to be digested."

She said the bread had a shelf life of five days.

Mr Trustrum said Mays Bakery was a traditional bakery and it was excited to offer its first preservative-free bread.

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