BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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BETTER BODS BETTER HEALTH run a variety of classes based on resistance training principles and using our unique combination of rubber exercise bands and clips.
All of our classes will teach you great posture while increasing your strength, muscle tone and improving your overall fitness. We welcome people of all ages and fitness levels, as our programmes are totally adjustable.
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BandFit class 1

BandFit class 2

BandFit class 3

Would you like a better Butt?

Then come and try our safe, effective and fun Band Fit, Band Fit Blast and Better Butt exercise classes. Suitable for all ages & fitness levels.

Our classes use exercise bands to build strength and tone muscles and aerobic activity to build stamina.
Your one stop fitness experience! The gym away from the gym!



Band Fit:
This class concentrates on resistance exercises with some aerobic activity. Muscle toning at its best. We use bands and clips that are progressive for all fitness levels. Levels are designed for 1(beginner), 2(intermediate) and 3(advanced), so you can take your own pace with each class. You no longer have to keep up with the instructor, they are there to guide and motivate you to a BETTER BOD!

Band Fit Blast:
This is a 45-min version of Band Fit focusing on a constant flow of energy and alternating between one challenging set of resistance exercises and a variety of aerobic activities. Fat burning at its best!

Better Butt:
This is a 45-min class concentrating on the bottom, thighs and tummy region. A great way in achieving a BETTER BUTT!

Power of Food - to become a BETTER BOD
These are 1 hour networking classes, where there will be a weekly topic of interest in regards to food/health.
First 15 min's - intro and body measures (optional)
Next 30 min's - talk on relevant subject
Last 15 min's - networking, questions and answers
Cost - $10 per visit (as frequently as you like, no contracts)


Please Contact Rachel
if you would like any of these classes set up near you.
All classes are fully mobile.

Guaranteed Fun!!


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