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EVENTS & SEMINARS: Listen to Rach`s story, her message is for all of us. All you need is an open mind, as she now does them for FREE.

Would you like to listen to Rach`s story? There is no charge to have her talk, just to cover the costs re travel and accommodation.

Please contact her via email to arrange.

Note: Below are links to watch a seminar I have done in regards to Better Health and how to add the WHOO HOO back to your day, by avoiding the goo!

Rachel Tomkinson Seminar Video Footage Part 1
(January 2011)
Rachel Tomkinson Seminar Video Footage Part 2
(January 2011)

Rachel Tomkinson Seminar Video Footage Part 3
(January 2011)

Testimonial from seminar Kurow May 09

After spending so much time trying to feed my family a healthy diet and not actually feeling any better for it myself, I had a gut feeling I was doing something not quite right.  Diet this and low fat that etc was making me tireder and one of my daughters sicker as she got older.  I always remember growing up on home grown food and hardly anything was bought at the shops.  We were happy, energetic and healthy kids.  I really wanted that for my own children, to give them the energy to just be kids.
After attending the seminar and reading the book I felt like I had enough information for me to look at making some lifestyle changes.   I also got a large thirst to find out more information.  So thankyou for showing us a way to achieve some of my goals for my family. Rachael C

Testimonial from Gore seminar July 09

I first heard of Rachel after watching her on tv, thought this sounds amazing I would love to know more so flicked her an email, and then our journey began.

I asked Rachel to come to Gore, thought a small amount of people would like to come along, 120 turned up. Wow what a fab night, Rachel talked for hours and everyone left feeling positve about what they learnt on the night..

For me since that evening I have had people come up to me and tell me its changed there lives. eg, acne has disapperaed by eating real food, one lady I know now doesn`t wear makeup.

Our local New World is getting behind us and making the WHOO HOO bread, thanks guys and my grocery bill has come down..

A friend of mine has rheumatoid arthritis and is feeling alot better, she`s even gone off some of her drugs.
For me I love the fact that I have had a small part in people thinking about what they are eating and sharing with me how its helped them.

You feel fuller longer, food is easier to prepare and it tastes great.  

 Rachel has made a stir in Gore and people can`t stop talking about it, that now I`ve asked her to come back in two months.

Thank you Rachel
Claire Wards (organiser)

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