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Faith Detox Menus (free) TRUE health can`t be bought.






Detox Menus; what we really have to address is comfort and convenience to attain better health.

After dealing with many people over the years with varying issues, I have found most have the same problem, but in varying degrees; we are being over GOO`d (excitotoxins such as MSG, HVP and Aspartic Acid)

So I have now decided to write a few detox menus to follow that have worked for many. However you need to remember that once your health has come right, that it`s important not to become complacent and go back to the world`s way of eating. Every now and again maybe ok, but for some even a little is too much.

I think it’s wise to look at your old food ways in a different light, the worlds way often works on your weaknesses, whilst the WHOO HOO way works on your strengths. Plus real food tastes so much nicer.

Whilst going through the detox its important to eliminate excess free glutamic acid (which can be found naturally in some foods) and synthetic free glutamic acid (that are hidden in many of today`s commercial foods and personal care products).
Plus for the healing to come I have found that we need more fats, than what you think. So do not be scared adding that butter, cream, raw milk and dripping. United we stand divided we fall, this means get rid of the goo, but heal with the fats. You can`t have one without the other.

These next menus will guide you depending on your sensitivity levels. I have found that by reducing excess glutamate levels and heal with good quality fats then slowly but surely you can start living again.......WHOO HOO!

Menus will be categorised as A, B, and I highly advise all to read hormones and health article link below.

A click here = The easier plan for those who are less sensitive and often a good plan to try first, as well as a maintenance and disease prevention plan.

B click here = More so for severe allergies, including celiac

Hormones and Health very important read, the hidden keys to add the WHOO HOO to your day click here

Disease is a result of malnourishment. When you follow the correct path its amazing how you soon discover how far we have been led away from the truth.


Note: List of foods/brands that are better, are available on my WHOO HOO product and WHOO HOO choice pages.



Click here for a
Free business card size printable "GOO" list to avoid when purchasing foods/drinks, pills/potions and or personal care products.
Just pack it in your wallet and read all labels before you buy


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