With Exercise it's QUALITY that counts, not QUANTITY
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Apart from the obvious need to eat healthily, you need two other vital components:

          4 Aerobic Exercise:   
          4 Anaerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise:
This is the oxygen driven component. It develops cardiovascular & lung fitness. In practical terms it means sweating a little and being slightly 'out of breath.' Run, walk, cycle, swim - or do whatever appeals - for at least 20 minutes. This burns fat and improves heart fitness.

Anaerobic Exercise:
This is the food driven component for longer term fat burning results. In practical terms it means stopping and starting, pushing and pulling. You can use weights, resistance tubes, or use your own body weight etc. It is hugely time efficient and offers reduced aerobic activity.
Anaerobic exercise (resistance training) is the best way to increase bone strength and density and by increasing synovial fluid in the joints, improves flexibility. Particularly after about age 27, when the metabolic rate drops and lean muscle decreases, weight training can restore the lean muscle and the increased metabolic rate can 'burn off' the long term fat.

Both men and women develop gender-appropriate lean muscle mass to give better muscle definition, a sturdier frame and an improved posture. Contrary to popular opinion, women do not become 'muscular hulks' with resistance exercise. After Renee was born it soon restored my shape and tone.

In a Nutshell
Aerobic exercise alone is imbalanced and therefore inefficient. In a nutshell we need an alternating pattern of aerobic and resistance exercise, two to four times a week - a realistic and achievable target for our long term well being.
Aerobic exercise, medical conditions apart, we 'just do' but resistance exercise we 'just don't' - until we find an easily followed, progressive system that is both safe and effective.

Better Bods fills just this gap !. The home videos are easily followed, the equipment is minimal and you by-pass the gym ! Most begin to feel better in as little as just a few short weeks. We can advise and help you get yourself permanently shaped.
Newly developed lean muscle is denser than watery fat, so, ignore your weight and note how your clothes fit far better. As the metabolic rate increases, the body fat will disappear.

To win the health level you want, three virtues are vital

You need FOCUS - to overcome inevitable daily obstacles. Understand the benefits ! Know that you really want them ! Cherish the goal and above all 'keep your eye on the prize'

You will need PATIENCE - simply beacause it will.......take time

You need CONSISTANCY - the strength of mind not to miss exercising 'just once' and remove your eye from that prize.

To further harness these attributes in one coherent strategy, document the progressive repititions for all your exercises.

A Satisfied Client's Story from Diane Hobson - 22-01-03

Rachel at Better Bods has been my guardian angel over the last ten months.
She has passed on her invaluable knowledge and advise to make a new me out of a very unfit and overweight old (54) me. I am now delighted to be
14 kg 'de-lighted'.
I could not walk up stairs easily as I joyfully do now. Everything seems so much easier (including cutting my toenails) and I am fitting into smaller sized clothing. My old dress size was a 20 and my current size is 16.
My blood pressure has settled to a healthy level.
I am so grateful for the impact Rachel's program has made on my life
Keep watching this space, with Diane`s progress.........for the long term. .

"This is the end of the 'middle age spread'

Rachel's Comment
Diane first approached me when she was overweight, lacking energy, self esteem and strength. She was suffering from high blood pressure. She found it difficult doing simple everyday chores and was just not interested in going to the ever daunting gym !
Due to these problems and not having done consistant exercise, it was most important to start slowly. She worked just once a week from a video, Volume 1 'Getting Started' for her strength training exercises.
I also asked her to do some aerobic training once or twice a week (20 - 40 minutes Maximum).
Diane works consistantly. Not only does she feel stronger and healthier within but in the reduction of her body fat shows a change in body shape that is quite remarkable.
The change has been gradual but Diane now finds it 'fun' and has decided to stick with the program for the long term.

As they say "slowly but surely the tortoise wins the race"

Diane - 22-01-03
10 Months Later