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The "No Bull" way to Health & Fitness!

[Item Image] The 'No Bull' way to fitness & health
More energy!
Less stress!
Less body fat!
Better fitness!
Do you feel the need for one or more of the above? Most of us do!

We are subject to endless advertisements on TV, in Newspapers and books telling
us that this "incredible piece of equipment", or this "fabulous diet", or these
"wonderful videos", will get us looking and feeling perfect in an amazingly short
period of time.

But in reality there are simply no "quick fixes."

At Better Bods we don't just promote OUR services and products - we give you
honest and balanced advice about how to go about getting yourself in shape and
into a far healthier state - permanently.

It won't happen overnight - but it WILL happen. Most people who take on board the
following advice will start to notice an improvement in just a few weeks. However
to achieve the full benefits - to arrive at your goal - you need to understand that you
have to make a PERMANENT lifestyle change.

This requires three attributes:-

FOCUS: "Keep your eyes on the prize" This is one of the most important pieces
of advice you need to take on board. It's not new - it was being promoted in
Biblical times. You need to know what you want to achieve. You must then
mentally prepare yourself to know how to combat the obstacles you will
undoubtedly encounter along the way. Always keep in mind the benefits you will
receive when you reach your goal.

PATIENCE: Something that most of us don't have! But - if you accept that it will
be some time before you fully achieve your goal - that no "quick fixes" are "good
fixes" it will help. And always remember "keep your eyes on the prize."

CONSISTENCY: How many people keep their "New Year's resolution"?? Not a
lot! Why? Because of their failure to "keep their eyes on the prize" they become
inconsistent in their programme.

"No, I won't go for my walk today, I want to finish this book I'm reading - I'll get
back to it tomorrow."

"It won't do any harm to have these fish & chips - and perhaps that lovely
looking pavlova tonight. I'll eat less tomorrow."

"Good programme on TV tonight, won't do any harm to miss my excercise
programme just this once."

I'll guarantee you know exactly what I'm talking about here!! Remember you know
what the benefits are - keep your eyes on the prize.....................

OK, now that you are mentally prepared, you need to know - without all the bull -
what is required to achieve your desired results.

There are three essential aspects you have to address. Now, let me repeat that -
there are THREE essential aspects you MUST address. Don't believe anyone who
tells you you only need to address one or two of these essential aspects.

If you do not work on all three you will NEVER fully reach your permanent goal.
These three essentials are:-

Let's look at each one to see what is involved.

This is for cardio vascular [CV] training. Ideal exercises include brisk walking,
cycling, running swimming etc.

To increase effectiveness and alleviate boredom it is important to vary the
exercise and the intensity of your input. This is not difficult. You may walk
another route, cycle one day and swim the next etc.

"I cannot stress how important this is" says Better Bods Director, Rachel
Tomkinson. " The last we want is your body reaching a plateau"

"It's always important to 'reshock' your muscles! Get to the stage where you are
sweating a little and slightly out of breath.This will increase the oxygen flow and
elevate you heart rate . This in turn will raise your metabolic rate and just
like a furnace, you will burn more calories." she said.

This is a specialist area of Better Bods. Virtually all video tapes on exercise
concentrate on aerobics.

There's nothing at all wrong with that of course but Anaerobic exercise featuring
resistance/weight training is an absolutely vital ingredient to everyone's overall
health and fitness.

The problem is that it can be dangerous if done incorrectly. You must be assured
that whoever is explaining or instructing you what to do is a recognised
professional with a high degree of training.

This is where the Better Bods series of Fitness Videos come into their own. They
have been developed over a period of several years and been subjected to
extensive testing by both users and professional health providers.

All agree that, if the instructions are followed, there is no better cost effective way
to ensure you safely achieve your goals.

There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or attend costly and
inconvenient gym training. All you need is a couple of inexpensive bits and pieces
and a little time to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Anaerobic exercise is unquestionably the best type of training to increase bone
strength and density. It also improves flexibility as it helps to increase synovial
fluid to the joint enabling better mobility.

An increase in lean muscle [not fat!] mass gives better muscle definition resulting
in a
sturdier frame and better posture.

You have the option of anaerobic training to:
[1] build up muscle bulk [hypertrophy] or
[2] achieve a leaner more toned look without the bulk.

Naturally [2] is what the great majority of people want. There is no basis for
women to believe they will end up with a great muscle-bound body more fitting to
some of todays macho men portrayed in some action movie! The truth is that that
would be very hard to do even if you wanted to!

Simply put, the Better Bods Fitness videos and training seminars concentrate on
using weight training to increase overall fitness by building lean muscle tissue and
burning fat.

Food should not be the enemy!

As anyone with a weight problem knows, losing that weight is not easy - and
keeping that weight off is almost impossible!!

Ever started a "diet" kept to it for a month, dropped it and restarted three months
later? You're not alone! This is not good for the body's metabolism and makes it
harder to lose weight in the long run.

It does not have to be that way - but again you have to put the effort into making
some very imporant lifestyle changes.

One thing we can promise you is that while buiding up a sensible eating routine
may seem out of reach, in time you will wonder why you thought it was so hard.

Our bodies have been marvellously designed to adapt. Over time you will lose the
desire for those 'wrong' foods and really come to enjoy the 'healthy' foods your new
lifestyle recommends.

It is important to learn about foods and favour those that give a 'balanced' intake.
However it is important not to become too preoccupied with a weight loss diet.

Focus on getting fit and feeling healthier then the reward of of weight loss will
come. Remember it should come slowly - no more that 0.5 to 1kg per week. If
you lose it any quicker than that, chances are you will be losing vital lean muscle

So, what better time than now to contact Better Bods to assist you to make those
important lifestyle changes. It won't happen overnight - but if you keep your eyes
on the prize, it WILL happen without fail!

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