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The "No Bull" way to Health & Fitness!

[Item Image] Helping Mum keep fit
Being a first time Mum myself, I know how
hard it can be fitting in your fitness plan
around nappies, feeding, bathing etc
The good news is that you don't have to give up too much of that precious time.
We suggest you put aside 45 minutes to an hour to undertake the programmes on
our video tapes one to three days a week. Three days being the maximum!

"Even I was surprised to find out that if I kept this a consistant routine I felt more
relaxed and was able to manage any stress better. Very handy when coping with
a baby that is not the quietest one in the world.

Even more advantageous was how it helped me to get my shape and strength
back." says Rachel. "All this without having to leave the house."

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