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2010 ask more questions and seek more TRUTHS!

2010 ask your-self the question WHY, for your new year’s resolution. It’s not until you ask this question, that you start a whole new journey of self discovery and gaining back self control, especially in regards to our health. Sadly we are too controlled by the experts, health industry, food industry and the media. 

This below article that I have just come across highlights only what they want you to see and know, covering up what the REAL truth is.$

Bonsoy soy milk is being recalled after 10 people, including a child, suffered thyroid problems after drinking the product.

Coffee shops, retail and other outlets should also not use the milk, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) said.

The milk has been recalled after the adults from New South Wales, aged between 29 - 47 and the child reported health problems.
Subsequent testing found unusually high levels of iodine. The brand of soy milk was enriched with "Kombu" which is a seaweed product, FSANZ said.

The levels of iodine in the soy milk were at a level that was likely to exceed tolerable daily intakes by an adult.
Iodine was needed for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. A healthy daily iodine intake is about 80 - 150 micrograms with a recommended safe upper limit of 1100 micrograms per day for adults, and from 200 micrograms for 1 - 3-year-olds to 900micrograms for 14-year-olds.

Daily consumption of a cup of Bonsoy soy milk could lead to a daily iodine intake of more than 7500 micrograms at the levels tested, FSANZ said.
Chronic consumption of high levels of iodine could affect the thyroid and cause people to feel generally unwell.

Anybody who had the soy milk product over a prolonged time and who felt generally unwell should consult their doctor.

This article is blaming the iodine (the scape goat), which definitely is an issue. However the main problem with this particular soy milk is firstly all soy milk has very high levels of synthetic free glutamic acid (basically when processed, forms MSG), then by "enriching" it with Kombu is adding further free glutamic acid, so just too much glutamate for the body to cope with and hence why I believe these poor folk have developed severe thyroid problems. Even by just consuming soy milk alone has been linked with thyroid problems, as well as many other hormonal illnesses and diseases; you just have to visit to find out more information. Obviously the experts will not want to expose the whole truth, as this would mean all our soy based foods (even our daily bread)/drinks/personal care products would have to be reviewed. The difference being is that we are slowly being poisoned (accumulation effect) by synthetic free glutamic acid in many forms (soy is just one area), this Bonsoy soy milk just exceeded the amount so people got sick quick and could be easily identifiable.........a bit like the Malamine milk scandal.

Good health is true WEALTH, but you need to ask more questions and seek more TRUTHS, so you too can get a BETTER BOD from the inside out for 2010 and beyond......WHOO HOO!!

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