BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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Hi Guys, my name is Super Better Bod. I have fun and feel great because I eat well and exercise regularly. Let me help organise your birthday. We`ll play fun games and have yummy food - kids you won`t want it to end!! Mum and Dad can relax and enjoy the day. I`ll do all the work coz that`s what I love to do!! Delicious food, great games and plenty of WHOO HOO`S!!

Super Better Bod Birthday (Super Option 1)
Suitable for 4 - 8 year olds.
Maximum 10
Healthy food, drink and entertainment supplied.
Includes band exercises, games and music.

Entertainment Cost - $150 - Includes:
Super Better Bod Party Invitations
Super Better Bod T-Shirt for the birthday boy or girl
Super Better Bod Certificate (posted to you after the party with your child as Super Better Bod)
Super Better Bod Prizes
All party kids get to be Super Better Bod
Cake - Home Made

Food Cost - $10 per head - Includes:
Zebra Sandwiches
Scroggin Log
Carrot Canoes
Orange Hedgehogs
Fruit Kebabs
Home Made Popcorn
Our food ingredients are natural and good for your child, healthy options can still be fun!

Super Better Bod Flying Visit (Super Option 2)
Cost: $60
1/2 hour Entertainment and Games only (at your place

To find out more or to order, please, Contact Rachel.

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