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It`s up to us to take control!
For the last 6 + years I have put in many hours of research via websites, books, DVD`s, etc. Then for me to find out the TRUTH and to help our daughter Jenna, I used the collated information from all of this and then listened to many clients and followed up their progress to help piece it all together. I have since condensed down to what I believe is the solution (as has helped so many people with varying ailments) and wrote Jenna`s Journey (a very simple read and a story most can identify with) and have come up with many recipes with the first GOO free cooking guide (the solution). My research has worked out the puzzle. I am always learning and fine tuning and am passionate about this subject and informing others. We CAN have complete FAITH with our food, when you find out the TRUTH.......WHOO HOO!!
To have peace and confidence to be able to apply radical dietary and lifestyle changes you need to research more, here are a few links to find out the other side! WHOO HOO, Rach x

Thermal Imaging Breast Screening NZ (no radiation) or more Clinic_Locations

Dark Side of the Soy Boom

Butter vs Margarine

Research from WHO now says there is no link between saturated fats and heart disease

Natural News Article Interview with Russell Blaylock (very important)

Basa Fish, important please read!

Codex Alimentarius (a must watch, 5 mins)

Studies "concluding that those who eat four ounces of fresh (not processed) red meat every day face no increased risk of heart disease". Click here to read study

DVD`s or short web link Docs to watch to better inform yourselves!

WHOO HOO Story Click here (only 3 mins long)

It`s time we say NO to soy Click here (only 30 mins to watch)
What is MSG doing in fermented foods? Interview with Dr Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon) (only 6 mins to watch)
Dr Wakefield-interview in regards to MMR vaccine (10 mins long)

Codex Alimentarius (a must watch.......5mins)

First Do No Harm DVD (with Meryl Streep)
Sweet Misery A Poisoned World DVD (Cori Brackett)
Vaccines What CDC Documents and Science Reveal DVD (Dr Sherri J Tenpenny)

Most valuable medical information you will ever hear,

By Dr.Gary Tunsky: Live Show [livestream] A Rood Awakening - live streaming video powered by Livestream


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