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Monthly News: October/November 2012


                                 Truth Ruffles Feathers?

What I do in my store and cafe is quite unique to say the least. I only sell products and food items that I believe is healthy and would eat/drink myself. So when people come in and ask for a “skinny” or “soy” latte, well I have to let them know that they are both swear words in here (lol).

I only stock and sell what our bodies need rather than necessarily catering to what we want. However when we are open to trying the real deal, people are pleasantly surprised how great it tastes.....then they keep coming back for more. We actually don`t have to give up on our sweets and savouries, they just have to be adjusted with WHOOHOO ingredients rather than the BOOHOO we are accustomed to today.

However its also amazing how some are saying they would rather not come into my store because I have become all “religious”. You would think by this statement I must be standing at the door with a bible in my hand and asking them to repent before they enter! We don`t think twice about this when entering a supermarket; just maybe the person serving you at the checkout too is “religious” or the store owner also goes to church every week?

So what is so different to what I am doing? Maybe its the fact I am representing truth with the food and making a stand for what is right? And just maybe by doing this it means that people then blame my “religion”, when actually it`s maybe the truth that they themselves do not want to acknowledge because that could mean change? Pushing out of our comfort zone by going against the mainstream, is sometimes easier said than done. That`s why many people choose the ignorance is bliss scenario.

However many people come into my store whether thay have faith or not, as they are looking for health answers, they know the “system” is failing them. Common sense is their guide and once they start looking for truth the blessings will come (relevant of someone`s faith). What also puzzles me is that I like to help people, there is no charge for my services, as I believe you can not buy true health. My “religion” is putting people before profit, so if that is a bad thing, that would really sadden me.

Blessings in Truth
Rach x


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