BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

MSG is a nasty trigger that can lead to disease. It is in a lot of our food, which is often hidden.

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August 2007 - The Cure is in the Prevention
Hi Team
When it comes to food, my belief is industrial food processing is triggering many of our modern diseases. For a long time Mother Nature has provided us with all the natural food our bodies require _ without the chemicals, additives and colourings.
This is now why our family prefers cooking and baking with saturated fat, rather than vegetable oils. This does not mean I sit down and eat a whole tub of butter or pile on the cream with every meal. It's like this; we all know carrots are good for us but this doesn`t mean eating a whole bag at a time!
We buy organic fruit, vegetables and baking ingredients knowing there are no harmful sprays added _ and the quality is far superior.
Our quality meat is from our local butcher or from a farm (including free-range eggs).
All we have done is replace modern EASY foods with the old-fashioned prepared varieties, which involves more home baking, cooking, etc and our “health issues” have magically disappeared.
Today's world has forgotten what REAL food is. Hence we have so many new diseases that were never heard of just a century ago.
I also believe that knowledge is POWER, and it is so important to seek two sides to any story _ remember we are what we eat. The current guidelines set by “expert” committees such as those from the World Health Organisations, World Cancer Research and the National Heart Foundation only allow us to see their side of the health story. We need to question these organisations as-well-as anybody else as disease statistics are worsening.
I believe the CURE is in PREVENTION! The less messing around with our food the less messing inside our BODS! I like to keep it simple, just like grandma did! 
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