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Ask me WHY?

Many have asked why I continue to teach and spread this “almost” impossible message. After 6 years + of my own independent research and putting it to the test with myself and our children as well as talking and following up with many people with different health complaints the TRUTH was overwhelmingly revealed.
Once I made the decision to forward this information I knew it was going to lead me down a path that could cause some conflict. However prior to this, the system was failing us and the only answers came from my own research. Amazed by the simple healing, I knew I couldn`t keep all this information to myself, as if it worked for us, then it just may give others some HOPE too.
Pretty much I became what is called a “FOODIE” and endeavour to give my message to those who are willing to hear it. I now do FREE seminars nationwide, so you only need an open mind. TRUE health can`t be bought and our story is a must to hear, then you can be the judge.
As a society I am amazed of how accepting we are of disease, the amount of people suffering (often silently) is of the “norm”. I only have to see people`s supermarket trolleys and wonder what disease they have or when are they going to get it? Every generation is getting sicker earlier, with varying multiple illnesses and battles.
We are quite happy to continue to feed the system, by giving money to research, etc to find a cure. But what if most of these modern problems have been created by man in the first place and we don`t really need to pour money into research, because there is not so many REAL diseases. The CURE is in the PREVENTION, when the veil has been lifted.
I know I was born not to follow, as hard as it may seem, living in a country full of sheep :)
Have to say the grass is greener on the other side and it can be done on earth as it is in heaven........WHOO HOO x

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