BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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Do you need more motivating?
Then why not let us come to you?
We can bring the gym to your door. Home or office. You can either have one-on-one training or up to a group of 4.

The whole family can follow our fitness program

What`s involved:
Consultation session is free (for payments in advance for 11 sessions only), where your personal trainer will go through your health history/goals and measurements and inform you how the program is structured. Your trainer will guide you to Better Health and to achieve a Better Bod!


You can either pay casually, week by week or buy 10 in advance and get the 11 th session free.
This will vary on the group size. Costs are as follows: (Per 1 hour session).

   1 client   = $50
   2 clients = $60
   3 clients = $70
   4 clients = $80

Group Office Workouts (Buy 10 upfront get 1 class free! )
15 minute workout = $50
30 minute workout = $80
45 minute workout = $100

Please contact Rachel for further information or bookings. - Gift Vouchers are available.

Personal Trainers Available: Timaru & South Canterbury Region
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Client Testimonials, for Better Bods Personal Training Service:
Missi - Another happy customer

From: Missy T
Kia ora,
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Better Bods Programme. I have had a Personal Trainer, Debe, for the past 11 weeks and have now joined the Band Fit classes.
Debe is an amazing trainer and her friendly and happy attitude has helped me to push myself to start achieving.
Because of the knowledge Debe has of nutrition and exercising I have begun to achieve my goal and am well on the way. Having lost 4kg, and lots of inches I was amazed how quickly I got results with the programme.
This has been excellent for me and I`m sure you will enjoy it just as much.

Trish - Yet another happy customer

From: Trish H
I would like to thank my personal trainer, Debe for all the help and support she has given me with personal one-on-one training. She put together a perfect plan for me covering both exercise and diet and taught me that quality not quantity matters when it comes to working out.
Debe pushed me hard with the exercises but was never intimidating or
condescending and the support she offered was really encouraging.
Nothing was ever too much trouble and she even brought along her own Super Better Bod video so my 6 year old would be entertained while I was working out with her.
The Personal Training Service offered was excellent value for money and Debe often went above and beyond the call of duty by making herself available to me anytime by phone to answer any questions or to offer support.

From: Norm and Karen Styles. - Pleasant Point.
Darren Mackay has been our personal trainer for 6 horrific months. Darren is a slave driver. He has the slowest watch ever built with 10 seconds regularly taking over 1 minute. Darren obviously failed school maths as he cannot tell the difference between "5 more" and fifteen. Regular ranting and raving is also terrifying. "Dig it in", "harder" and "pick it up" are some of the taunts. He sets an unrealistic pace when walking or jogging and expects us to exceed it. We can honestly say that Darren Mackay is a sadistic b.....d!

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