Print Record Sheets

Record Sheet 1

Side Walks:  
Squats - Leg Lifts:  
½ Press-Ups:  
Seated Rows:  
Forward single shoulder Raises:  
Concentration Bicep Curls:  
Tricep Dips:  
Lying Ab Heel Taps:  
Basic Ab Crunch:  

Record Sheet 2

Leg Lunges:  
Lying Back Leg Lifts:  
Standing Chest Presses:  
Dorsal Raises:  
Bent Over 1 Arm Rows:  
Single Side Shoulder Raises:  
Stand'/Seated Single Hammer Curls:  
½ Tricep Press Ups:  
Lower Ab. Lifts:  
Side Crunch:  

Record Sheet 3

Wall Sits:  
Inner Thigh Lift:  
Chest Wall Press:  
Seated Rear Single Flyes:  
Upright Shoulder Rows:  
Standing/Seated Single Bicep 21`s:  
Tricep Kickbacks:  
Ab. Cycle:  
Ab. Hover:  
Combined. Crunch:  

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