Volume 1

$39.95 + P&P

First video of a progressive series.

With weights.

Ideal for the complete beginner.

Home Swedish Massage

$39.95 + P&P

Easy to follow instructions. A great way to learn how to give your family/friends a relaxing massage after doing the Better Bods Home Gym Program.

Volume 2

$39.95 + P&P

Follow on from Vol. 1

Ideal for beginner to intermediate levels.

Kids Fitness Video

$34.95 + P&P
Includes free resistance band.

Kids will love this unique exercise program. They forget they're actually exercising because they are having so much fun.
A great way to form good exercise habits at a young age. Suitable for 5-12 years, but other ages can join in.

Yellow Band
(Beginners to Intermediate Resistance)

$7.50 + P&P

Complete with Clip
$12.00 + P&P

Kids Resistance Band

$5.00 + P&P

$1 discount per band for orders over 30 + P&P

CD Jingle

$9.95 + P&P
Catchy song, sung by 13 year old Trudy Bensted. Lyrics by 'Super Better Bod'.
Kids love singing along to this tune and at the same time learn an important message about healthy eating and exercise.

Great for Schools

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Four different personal training exercise programmes, by Rachel, within the one video, great value for money!
Only equipment needed is YOU and a Resistance Band, which comes FREE with the tape.
This is a great video for those who can`t be bothered with weights. It`s for all levels of fitness, especially for those who have never "worked out" before. You take your own pace and progress accordingly to your level of fitness!
A resistance band is all you need, so therefore you can also pack it in your bag with your toothbrush when going on holiday.

'Band Fit' Circuit Programme is also designed for all levels of fitness, as Rachel shows the easier and harder versions of each exercise. When it comes to the aerobic components, there is a choice of either low or high impact. It`s a great FUN workout!
Program 1 Record Sheet
Program 2 Record Sheet
Program 3 Record Sheet

Green Band
(Intermediate to Advanced Resistance)

$8.50 + P&P

Complete with Clip
$13.00 + P&P

Band Attachment Clip.

$5.00 + P&P

All progressive 'Band Fit' videos (Each normally retail for $29.95 ea), Plus free resistance
band and clip attachment (normally retails for $12.00)
NOW ONLY - $59.95 + P&P (All on the one tape) - Now available on DVD only $64.95
Wouln't you...................................................Like to be a Super Better Bod?

A Day in the Life of 'Ted Bad Bod & Super Better Bod' Video


A fun educational video/DVD on healthier lifestyles