I quality exercise 2 to 3 times per week, no longer than 1 hour each session......BAND FIT is the key to a BETTER BOD!

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How often should I train to get my body back in shape?

Rachel, In the last eight months I have gained approx 20kgs and feel really unfit and unhealthy. My eating habits are generally very good, I walk most days, and I dont seem to be able to get on top of this. I am looking at buying your four in one video how often should I do this to get my body back in shape?
It is great to hear that you are doing some exercise to help you get rid of this extra weight. It is always important to think "QUALITY" training rather than quantity. Exercising quality is your first line of defence in achieving long term health benefits.
If you are walking most days, it is important to get to a level where you are slightly out of breath, sweaty and flushed. You must push to get out of your comfort zone to burn fat! Then you must maintain that level for a minimum of 20 mins. Try to aim for 30 to 45 mins.
Your body will also adapt to the same routine, so you must vary the exercise, route, intensity and duration. Change this every 4 to 8 weeks. If you do the same you will stay the same. As we age we also lose lean muscle tissue and this is replaced with fat, the best way to maintain your muscle and therefore burn fat is by doing resistance exercise. Most people neglect this exercise. However if you add resistance exercise to your schedule you can cut back with the aerobic.
For beginners I recommend starting 1 x per week CONSISTENTLY. Later on you can do 2 x per week. The fitness tape does explain how to go about these things.A lot of my clients who come to my classes are getting fantastic results with only doing resistance type exercise 1 x per week. If you quality train, you will find you will only have to do 2 to 4 times per week, with a combination of aerobic and resistance training.
This however is for the long haul, there is no such thing as a quick fix, you must be patient, focused and consistent to achieve the best results!
Hope this answers your questions.
Take care and all the best, and remember:
Keep active, keep strong and you too will become a Better Bod.

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