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Healthy Lunch Box ideas:
Fresh fruits. Home made popcorn with butter or coconut oil and sea salt. Natural unsweetened full fat yoghurt (add fresh pineapple to sweeten naturally). Raisins/dried fruits.

Plenty of Whoo Hoos work your abs!!



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Would your video benefit me?

Just checking to see if your video would be of benefit to me. I am age 55, 5'3' and 75kg's. I am on a healthy eating plan to try and get my weight down. I had lower back surgery in 1990. I have to be careful. I have just had a clear angiogram so I know now that I can do some exercise. What equipment would I need at home and what size weights.
My simple answer, YES ! Everyone needs some weight/resistance training. As we age we begin to lose lean muscle tissue and gain fat which slows down our metabolic rate. In turn we gain even more weight! Food is not our enemy -weight training is our friend! It will help your back by strengthening core stability muscles - primarily your abdominals.
Whether at the gym or not, incorrect techniques can do more harm than good. My videos explain the equipment needed and provide you with a personal trainer for a safe and effective workout!

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