I quality exercise 2 to 3 times per week, no longer than 1 hour each session......BAND FIT is the key to a BETTER BOD!

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Breastfeeding Mum

Ten weeks ago I had my third child, and want to know how much exercise I can do to get myself into shape. I have started walking again and some floor exercises most days. Would I be a o.k to use your Band-it video and how safe, with the right support is it to maybe start running again when you are breastfeeding. Can`t seem to find any info on this subject. Getting to that stage of feeling very huge and nothing fits. Know there is no quick fix, but would like so helpful advise. Not quite sure where to start. All over body rehaul needed. Would love to drop a good 30kg.

Debbie, thankyou for your email. It is good to hear you are on your way into a fitness regime to get back into shape. The Band Fit video will be of great use to you in restoring lean muscle tissue, without the stress to joints. You will only need to do this 1 to 2 times per week, as well as some aerobic activity. Eg, walking, swimming, cycling etc. Again to burn fat, you must push to out of your comfort zone. That is, get slightly out of breath, sweaty and flushed. If your body is used to running, then that would be ok. However you will have to take more care, because the hormone, relaxin will be still circulating around your body, which can make you more prone to injury, especially a higher impact activity. My advice is to progress very slowly, and listen to your body, it will give you the answers. Because you are breastfeeding, you must keep well hydrated, especially when you are working out!  You will achieve your results as long as you are consistent. Hope this helps answer your question, all the best.

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