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Healthy Lunch Box ideas:
Fresh fruits. Home made popcorn with butter or coconut oil and sea salt. Natural unsweetened full fat yoghurt (add fresh pineapple to sweeten naturally). Raisins/dried fruits.

Plenty of Whoo Hoos work your abs!!



Posted by:  
joy barnett
tone and weight redution

Rachel ,i have lost a couple of stone and gone down to a size 14 from a size twenty.My problem is toning the droop on the lower tummy area although i have had five children i was fine up until i put on the weight i have now lost after my husband died .i am still 10kg,s over weight i guess i,m 165cm tall and weigh between 73_75kg.i walk for 30 mins two days a week 60 mins 4 day,s a week and have just startsd aqura arobics .i have a rowing machine and total gym and am wondering how i could best use these as part of my fitness program as far as resistenc training please help.thanks

Hi Joy, firstly well done with your weight loss. To tone the droop, you definately must add a resistance training program. This is the best way to give you shape and defintion. You will also find by adding this you will not have to do so much of the aerobic exercise. You must balance it correctly, by doing "quality" training, rather than quantity.( Have a read at my current newsletter.) It is also important not to measure too much with scale weight, as this does not tell the whole truth, as muscle weighs heavier than fat, but it takes up less space. Meaning your scale weight may not go down straight away, though your clothes will feel looser. Instead do 5 weekly girth measurements and photos, body fat testing is also helpful. Your rowing machine is an aerobic exercise, so it is good to use this for variation. The Total Gym is your resistance training area, however you may need some professional advice to get a program sorted for you. Remember it is important to get it right, to avoid injury and as well as progressing with the results you want. Hope this helps you. All the best.


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