I quality exercise 2 to 3 times per week, no longer than 1 hour each session......BAND FIT is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Saturated Fat  like butter, cream, dripping and coconut oil are actually GOOD for us!

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mobile personal training

would be interested in finding out more, wondering if it would suit my husband and i. please provide detail on how it works etc and cost. thanks

Hi Bridget. This is a great new service for the South Canterbury area only at this stage. Where a personal trainer will come to you. We can cater up to 10 people at one time to a venue that suits you, usually home or office. The trainer will first of all go through an assessment, history and find out what goals you want out of your programme. Nutrition advice and exercise prescription will then be given. Depending on  your motivation and budget is how often you would like to see a trainer. This can be done casually, weekly, twice weekly, etc. There are a few options to choose from and the price varies on how many people are training at each booking. Of course it is more expensive the less people. If you would like I could send you a brochure with all these details, plus prices. Please re-contact me via email with your address, so then you can make a decision. Cheers.

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