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Jackie B
Gaining strength without losing weight

I'm a breastfeeding mum with no more weight to lose - in fact I'm having trouble keeping weight on now. But I really need to build some core strength as I'm often stiff and sore especially in my back. How could I best use your program to get stronger without losing more weight?
Hi Jackie, what a great question! Whilst breastfeeding you can be quite vulnerable to having a sore back and neck. It is of utmost importance to strengthen all muscles, especially your core and back to help alleviate this. Our band fit programmes are a safe and effective way in helping with this. Breastfeeding as you will be aware burns up a lot of energy. The key to not losing a surplus of weight, is not to do too much. Try just once per week for starters and not to over do on the aerobic activity. Eat nourishing foods and keep well hydrated with plenty of water, to keep up that milk supply and for your own energy supply. It is so important to keep strong. By adding resistance exercise you may notice that your scale weight may not shift, or could possibly increase initially. This is a good sign. Muscle weighs heavier than fat, but takes up less space. You will notice your muscles will be more toned, less "saggy" bits, you will have more energy, your clothes will fit better and you will be STRONG! Important key to health, especially a breastfeeding mum. Hope this helps. Cheers Rach

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