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organic meats

I have just been reading a article of yours in todays High country hearald and you mention eating organic or free range meats, I was wondering if you knew where I can purchase these in Timaru as I am struggling to find anything other than chicken, which they have a the Pt butchery?? Any tips you have would be appreciated. At the moment we are vegetarian as my little boy get bad tummy aches as do I when we eat meat, but I have been wondering if its the actual meat or state of it today!! So would consider trying some organic types??
Hi Paula. Often real grass fed meat is not the problem, it is the chemicals that can cause reactions to those who are more sensitive, which can include eczema, vomiting, tummy aches, diarrhoea and lots more. Even just a little bit can trigger a reaction, just like my daughter Jenna. Often these chemicals are hidden in crumbing and preserving methods. Sadly even some organic meats add preservatives to theirs. I get clean cuts of meat from our local butcher and then these meats are not a problem. If in a packet you must read the ingredient list, if you don`t understand it, best to AVOID it. 

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