BAND FIT (resistance exercise) is the key to a BETTER BOD!

Diet foods/drinks can hurt you rather than help you!

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Welcome to the Better Bods Recipe Page

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A lot of people have been asking me what is quick, easy, and nutritious to eat that the whole family will enjoy at the same time. The more we can stay clear of packet and processed foods the better for all our health.

I believe in natural, fresh and unprocessed foods as much as possible.

Food Pyramid

The quicker the food goes off the better! All cooked dishes are made with natural fats and no oils will be used. Olive oil will only be used for salads
The recipes we are giving you are main meals either for lunch or tea Monday to Thursday. Friday`s meal is still nutritious, but is formatted leading up to the weekend, so is a little lighter.
These recipes are just as quick to prepare as popping a packet of “plastic” food in the microwave. The only difference being is awesome taste and flavour that will re-ignite your taste buds into a frenzy!
We have also some “scrummy” treat dishes you can enjoy for the weekend. We all deserve a reward when you quality exercise and eat well during the week.
Again these recipes are made without any artificial sweeteners, colours, oils or high sugars.

Go to the Seven Fields Web Site
Rachel gets a lot of her weekly groceries online from Seven Fields Organic
She has found this to be a very efficient service. They have a great variety of organic foods. Their organic veges and fruit are especially good. The great news is she knows she is receiving produce with no added chemicals, and that is especially important since she is the mother of 2 little girls.
So here are some great recipes that will help you achieve a Better Bod……….Enjoy!!
Click on the Recipe Name to go to the instructions:
Avocado/Yoghurt Dip
Carrot Canoes (Kids love these)
Chicken Stock
Chilli Oil
Crunch Snack Mix
Cucumber Yoghurt Dip
Curried Mayonnaise
Easy Brown Bread/Soda Bread
Easy Home Made Ice cream
Easy Loaf
Fish Stock
Flo`s Honeyed Ginger Carrots
Fruit and Nut Loaf
Fruit Dip 1
Fruit Dip 2
Fruit Kebabs
Herbed Mayonnaise
Meat Stock (Beef, Lamb or Venison)
Mustard Sauce
Nut and Raisin Bread
Salad Dressing
Spinach and Cheese Loaf
Tartare Sauce
Tomato and Avacado Salsa
Tomato and Cucumber Nibbles
Whipped Fruit Butter
Asparagus Soup
Baileys Chicken on a Kumera Mash
Beef Bourgignon
Beef Enchiladas
Chicken Thighs with Potato and Kumera
Chicken with a Mango / Avocado Salsa
Corned Beef
Creamy Potato Salad
Egg and Bacon Scramble (Fridays)
Fish with Baked Potatoes, Corn and Beans
Flo`s Autumn Salad
Flo`s Easy Quiche
Flo`s Roxburgh Rice
Flo`s Salmon Rice Slice
Flo`s Savoury Rice
Flo`s Tropical Fish Salad with Coconut Cream Dress
Garlic and Rosemary Roast Lamb
Kumera and Bacon Soup (Friday)
Lamb Chops with a Mustard Cream Sauce
Lamb Shanks with Couscous
Lamb Stir Fry
Leek and Potato Soup
Lemon Fish
Morrocan Chicken: Serves 2
Omelette for two
Pork Lasagne
Pork Steaks with Stuffed Potatoes
Pumpkin Soup (Friday)
Quiche Lorraine and Coleslaw
Roast Chicken Dinner
Salmon on a Vegetable Medley
Savoury Lamb Mince
Simply VIP (Veges in Patties)
Steak with Red Wine Sauce
Stuffed Chicken
Stuffed Schnitzel
Sweetcorn Fritters
Thai Chicken Curry
Tomato and Bacon Pasta
Vege Fritata
Winter Beef Stew
Apple Shortcake
Banana Muffins (treat)
Cathedral Window Cake (treat)
Cream Puffs (Treat)
Crunchy Granola Bars
Honey Glazed Bananas (Treat)
Honey Snaps
Ma`s Bars (healthy yummy treat)
Muesli Slice
Rhubarb Crumble
Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce (treat)
Strawberry and Orange Surprise
Wholemeal Pikelets
Yummy Scones

Mouth watering Fruits

A healthy helping of red meat and veg.

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