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Healthy Lunch Box ideas:
Fresh fruits. Home made popcorn with butter or coconut oil and sea salt. Natural unsweetened full fat yoghurt (add fresh pineapple to sweeten naturally). Raisins/dried fruits.

Plenty of Whoo Hoos work your abs!!


LAMB SALAD   The Finished Product
Lamb fillet or thinly sliced lamb pieces
Mint sauce X 2 T
Tomato sauce X 2T
Black sauce X 1 T
Lettuce of your choice
sundried tomatoes X 4 thinly sliced
cherry tomatoes
capsicum X 1
walnuts x 1 handful
Grated carrot X 2
Bean sprouts
Balsamic vinegar X 3 T
English mustard X 1 t
Olive oil x 1/4 Cup
1. Mix mint sc, tomato sc, and black sc and brush on lamb then grill
2. Place lettuce on plates, add chopped sundried tomatoes, sliced or diced cucumber, cherry toms, sliced capsicum, walnuts, carrot and sprouts.
3. Make dressing by placing vinegar and mustard into a bowl and using a whisk gradually add oil, season.
4. Add Warm lamb to salad and serve with dressing. I find it just as nice without the dressing.

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