Aorangi Surgical Group
 7 Dee Street
 PO Box 100, Timaru
 New Zealand

 29th January 2003

 Dear Rachel
 Thank you for the opportunity to view your two exercise  videos. I think the content is excellent, the exercises  appropriate, well demonstrated and safe to perform by  students at all levels of fitness.

 It is likely that there is a market for people who are  reluctant to visit a gym for financial reasons and these  videos, provide a way of improving activity, health and  fitness in private.

 I would encourage this sort of endeavor.

 Yours Sincerely
 Orthopedic Surgeon
 Aorangi Orthopedics Limited

 Timaru District Library
 PO Box 228
 New Zealand

 22nd October 2002

 To whom it may concern,
 Rachel Tomkinson has undertaken two training sessions  for Timaru District Library staff as part of our worksafe  week program. Her presentations covered healthy  exercise and nutrition leading to an improved lifestyle.

 Feedback from the staff has been very positive and many  have been inspired to put the techniques they have  learned into practise. Rachel's sessions were well  planned, informative and enjoyable.
 She has a passion for her subject and this was  demonstrated very well.
 We found her approachable and helpful and I am sure  that several staff will undertake the program suggested.
 We hope to have Rachel back in a few months time for  follow up sessions to maintain motivation.

 Linda Hughes
 District Librarian

 A Family Testimony

 February 2003

 Three members of our family engaged Rachel as a  personal trainer for varied reasons

     4 One to maintain motivation with a current fitness           regime
     4 One to get fit after a major illness
     4 and one to lose weight

 Diversified as these reasons are Rachel has prepared a  program to meet all our needs.

 Although Rachel is a hard taskmaster she makes the  training fun with her marvellous sense of humour

 "Each session is full of laughs"

 The Bishop Family

1. Name: Kate Balfour, Timaru
   How has Better Bods worked for you?

   Toned some "flabby" triceps. Still working on abdominals!
   Feel less breathless and always feel more energetic at end of session!

2. Name: Lee, Timaru
   How has Better Bods worked for you?

   It has been great for my confidence, body shape and weight loss.
   It is neat to buy smaller sized clothing.

3. Name: SA, Timaru
   How has Better Bods worked for you?

   Great exercise. Keeps me motivated. Great fun/varied!

4. Name: TD, Timaru
    How has Better Bods worked for you?

    Excellent, got me out and got me moving, ya!
When people retire they say they are busier than when they were working, the difference being that in retirement they can choose how they spend their day. This can be a wonderful phase in life.

Sometimes though the temptation is to ease off, into thinking that the body has served one well and also deserved a rest, when actually it needs to be maintained to continue good health and mobility.

Rachel offers comprehensive exercise covering flexibility and stretching, her study and understanding of both the muscular and skeletal movements makes for a safe and thorough workout that can be achieved at one`s own pace and requirement. I highly recommend Better Bods, Better Health, as a way of life for the well being of all ages.

E.H. Timaru