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Visited On: 02-07-04
Teachers Comments

Promotional Session
Rachel engaged 90 year 5 & 6 pupils in an very energetic programme, which involved promoting healthy and sensible eating through role play with 'Ted Bad Bod' and 'Super Better Bod', a video and at least 40 minutes of excercise. She really enthused the children and they really enjoyed it.

Walk to School
25 children and 5 adults took part in this which we all enjoyed - we jogged, jumped walked and did other weird movements during our 30 minute journey, and it was fun.
The local community looked on in surprise.

Lunch Time Session
22 children took part (30 had enrolled, clashed with the SC Cross Country) - children loved it.
The programme is invigorating, energtic and brilliant. Rachels vivacious personality makes these excercises fun and the programme sells itself.

Kids Comments

Ben Rook, age 10
It was brilliant how 'Ted' was fat and you changed it to slim. It was funny when you called Justin a 'she'. I liked the video

Jenny McIvor, age 10
I thought Better Bods walk to school was really fun - it keeps you fit. 26 people took part.

Sarah Haar, age 10
Better Bods is great because you get to do really fun stuff. I like your class at lunch times.

Joshua Spruce, age 10
I thought it was great, the lunch hour was the best part. I liked the part when we used the bands and it was excellent

Brodle Gillies
The Better Bods walk to school was fun and good fitness - the bands are fun to use.

Rebecca McNabb
I think Better Bods is funny and good fun.

Toni Graham
I think Better Bods was fun and when we did the excercise that was fun as well

Danial Roberts age 10
I think Better Bods is cool and more kids should get into it.

Danialla Murray age 10
Very energetic fun and only $2.00.

Better Bods was fun and funny. I enjoyed doing all those things - it was very energetic and I think the rest of the people enjoyed it.

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