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Food Ingredient Care:
When buying packaged foods, check the ingredient list. If you need a chemistry degree to interpret it, AVOID IT!

Keep shoulders down, chest open tight tummy and don`t forget to.... Whoo Hoo!!


Visited On: 1-11-05
Teachers Comments
  Rachel is a very energetic and entertaining Better Bods Instructor, who was in the school for a couple of sessions to teach and encourage the children about healthy eating and lifestyles. This was exceptional as the children really enjoyed the program, with all the jokes, entertaining videos, fitness activities and as a whole her energy.
This program was perfect for our schools Fitness and Health unit, because it linked in with the achievement objectives and learning outcomes. Not to mention making this unit more exciting for the students.
When planning and organising the sessions, Rachel was amazingly friendly and helpful. As a result, there were no problems and the sessions ran smoothly. Rachel was recommended to me by an associate who said Rachel was simply brilliant with children, and it is now easy to see why.
I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel and Better Bods to any organisation or school, as the whole experience was excellent and the students really took what was being said on board.
Mike Hope
Year 8 Teacher
Kids Comments
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