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Food Ingredient Care:
When buying packaged foods, check the ingredient list. If you need a chemistry degree to interpret it, AVOID IT!

Keep shoulders down, chest open tight tummy and don`t forget to.... Whoo Hoo!!


Visited On: 01-11-05
Teachers Comments

Better Bods Better Kids has been operating in our Kindergarten for over 18 months on a regular basis.
Rachel (Super Better Bod) drives the children`s enthusiasm and interest in living healthily. Rachel and her team are strong motivators, passing their energy and knowledge onto our children.
The children have gained many benefits from having Better Bods Beter Kids as part of the kindergarten programme.
The children have learnt different aspects about being healthy. Rachel has taught the children about what exercise/fitness/well-being means and about nutrition, eg. The importance of breakfast and drinking lots of water. The children have learnt you get strong muscles and energy through eating well and exercising.
The aerobic music has given the children the opportunity to experience rhythm, beat, fast, slow, up and down and co-ordinate different moves together, listening to Rachel`s instructions.

Kids Comments

When we asked the children what they liked and remembered about Better Bods Better Kids, the children said:

“I liked going up and down.” Nikayla
“I liked the running one”. Sopheliah
“I liked the Whoo, hoo.” Jacob
“I liked the train.” Calleal
“The whistle and the dead ants.” Nikayla and Jacob
“We keep healthy,…cause we eat healthy foods.” Teigan
“It takes a long time when your exercising with Super Better Bod. I really like it when I`m doing the    dead ants. Because your muscles get strong.” Nicholas
“Exercise is cool. More exercise”. Rory
“I do like it when it`s backwards.” Holly
“I like the tummy thing”. Amelia

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