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UTI`s are becoming too frequent


Back in my twenties to mid thirties whilst I was still eating/drinking goo, I too was a regular sufferer of urinary tract infections (UTI). Something I will not forget, as they were very painful :(
Thanks to Jenna`s Journey I have never had another UTI.

Barton Publishing Inc mentions that nearly 10 million Americans report cases of Urinary Tract infection every year now and millions more do not report them. Many health professionals blame the over use of antibiotics as being largely responsible for the increase in recurring infections. That’s why medical practitioners are being reprimanded for over prescribing antibiotics in medical institutions and hospitals across the US.
The main concern is that people with weakened immune systems are most vulnerable and antibiotics kill good bacteria along with the bad. And as you may already know many bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, requiring even stronger and stronger dosages when the Urinary Tract Infections returns, as they very often do.
Diabetics are even more susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections because diabetes is an auto-immune dysfunction.
To give you an idea of the scope of the problem The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) released a report stating that Americans spend nearly $11 BILLION annually -- not counting medication expenditures – on medical care for urologic diseases. This was published in Urologic Diseases in America 2007. ( by Barton Publishing Inc )

I am sure here in New Zealand the same will be happening. Sadly my Grandma is at the chronic end, which is effecting her mentally. Every time she gets a UTI, she becomes agitated and angry. The symptoms of itching skin and feeling of insects crawling inside her for these past years I am sure is related to the "uric acid" build up within her system, as she was prescribed antibiotics nearly every few months for many years......for the same problem! You would think just once they may ask themselves that just maybe these pills are not the answer? Especially mixed with all the other medications she was taking too.
Makes you wonder how many people who are in nursing homes with "dementia" actually have chronic UTI`s?
Amazingly a few weekends ago, we were staying away, and eating what we normally wouldn`t. Jenna then was incontinent that night (which she never has had before) and the next day had the same symptoms as grandma......itchy skin, in much pain/distress, frequent urination/burning as well as grumpy and tired.
I completely believe the goo is the problem, once we were home and eating what we normally do, as well as giving her lemon and honey drinks ++ the symptoms went away.
It saddens me that we often race to the doctor to be only prescribed treatment options that only address the short term. For long term health we really must seek the truth and look at the simple options first, as often short term treatments can become chronic problems. The cure is definately in the prevention.

Rach.......WHOO HOO x

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