Welcome to the Betterbods Online Store!

Welcome to the Betterbods Online Store!

WHOO HOO Online Farm Gate Shop “Little crazy on the outside, but all good on the inside”

WHOO HOO Farm Gate shop is bringing REAL food /drinks and personal care products from around New Zealand and working with local business`s as much as possible to the one shop that will work on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. These foods will add the WHOO HOO to your day, as they will not contain any goo`s or preservatives. Convenience foods can be done on earth as it is in heaven, and ordered all from the comfort of your own home.
Some foods will show an amber light, which means that I prefer to use these type foods as a treat, as they may include sugar or have a naturally higher amount of free glutamic acid content, which is definitely not suited for the detox period (such as fermented foods/drinks). But most people can tolerate these foods the odd time after the detox.

Some new products that are getting made under the WHOO HOO Choice guidelines will have very plain packaging, as this reduces costs. Plus I am more concerned with the inside of the product rather than the fancy outer appearances. “Little crazy on the outside, but all good on the inside”

Because I believe in adding no goo to the food, then some products can be delivered either fresh or frozen. Eg meat, bread, slices, etc.

Note: Fresh fish, meats, veggies etc are encouraged to be purchased from your local butcher, fish monger and veggie grower.

We are working on new WHOO HOO products all the time, so this is just the start!