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Feedback from Dr Woodrow Monte (USA)

Woodrow C. Monte

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for adding my site as a link to yours and for your interest in keeping the New Zealand diet free of dangerous substances.
Keep up the great work you are doing.

Woodrow (April 2010)

Woodrow C. Monte PhD.
Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Nutrition
Arizona State University, Tempe AZ.

I have had loads of healing testimonials (with varying illnesses) from those who have applied the principles from Jenna`s Journey. Here's just a sample:

Have you been helped from Jenna`s Journey and would like to share your "success" story to help others? If so please us with your name and details of your healing.

Liams Journey (Story of Courage, Inspiration and HOPE)

(April 2010)


Penny M`s hands before and after (July 2011)Click here for her testimonial and her daughters Blastocystitis


Baby Shiloh (May 2012)

Multiple and severe food allergies and eczema as a result of vaccines and neocate baby formula.

Catherine (Jan 2011)
Multiple food intolerances and bowel issues healed from saturated fats

Had suffered from Chrons Disease

Migraine symptoms gone and energy levels increased

Gall bladder symptoms subsiding

Melissa B
Had a son with severe allergies

Sylvia W
Bowel troubles healed as well as Glaucoma and Cataracts.

Dianne H
Off all thyroid medication (Graves Disease) and off meds for severe indegestion and fluid retention.

Yvonne L, Coeliacs disease gone, Rosie W, Facial eczema gone, Paul S, Migraines gone, Zoe and Clare P Wheat, and dairy allergies and gluten free diet now gone!

Vanessa Shearer
(Had suffered from Chrons Disease)
Dec 06
Age: 35

Rach provided the inspiration, oomph, and information I had been searching for to help change my life and form better habits.
For 15 years I have struggled with health issues and had a love/hate relationship with food due to a bowel condition and the effects of food on me!
My weight fluctuated as a consequence and my energy levels were always low.
Combine this with a busy full-time career, part time study, significant family commitments and I am a solo parent, and no wonder I felt like ****
I am pleased to say I feel fantastic. People are noticing my vibrancy and energy levels. I love the changes to my body shape and feel so much better about myself. I am now on no medication "having gone completely natural" and have certainly not felt better for the last 15+ years.
All this with a new job challenge, a fantastic daughter of whom I am very proud, a busy life and I am finally out there dating again and life is great.
Thanks Rach (and team). You girls are great.
Whoo Hoo to the Better Bods Lifestyle!!!!

Read the article of the Timaru Herald concerning Vanessa's success stories.

Olwynne C
Migraine symptoms gone and energy levels increased.
(Oct 08)

I have made some changes to my diet since reading your book which I did on Saturday afternoon. I went out and bought some dripping.
And cooked a roast of beef and some organic veges. I had forgotten what dripping roasted food tasted like.
My intuition had been telling me for sometime to return to basics like my mother used and your book reminded me of what that meant.
I have also started having cream on my stewed apple and full cream milk in my latte. So far I have just felt better.
In the past weeks my migraines have been getting worse and my energy and brain status have been out to lunch. Late yesterday afternoon and today I have felt a distinct change in my body. More energy and my body is able to respond to my mind and visa versa.
Something so simple!! I was literally starving!! What I needed was good fat.
Thanks so much for your wonderful story. I am now eating my way back to full steam ahead.
Love and blessing to you and your family

Lynley M
Gall bladder symptoms subsiding
(Nov 08)


I thank God for the way he has drawn me to you, and for your ability to give the knowledge that you have found, contrary to current thinking, regardless of the backlash.

I had listened to your seminar on healthy eating, avoiding the non-foods and introducing the good fats, but had not thought I was doing too bad with my diet already.

I have to say I wasn't really aware of how unwell I had become, until the surgeon told me of his plan to remove my gall bladder, as a way of "returning me" to good health. I suddenly thought I really must be sicker than I think, and had a count up of my symptoms. Nausea, pain under my right rib and on my left shoulder blade, carefully choosing of foods so as not to be aggravated, headaches, ulcers, thrush, itchy ears, not to mention the insomnia, hot flushes and itchy scalp of menopause. I haven't spoken of the extreme dragging tiredness that I had become used to.

However, with the prospect of surgery, I found I wanted to change much more. I have begun using natural yoghurt, drinking a potassium broth each night, but the use of deodorised coconut oil has been remarkable. I have been recording my symptoms, and from almost immediately, with the three teaspoons full of coconut oil daily, I have noticed an increase in my energy, a decrease in my pain under rib, and most wonderfully - no hot flushes, and sleep is possible over the nights now!! WooHOO!!!
It makes such sense to think this poor organ of mine has been out of action for so long, due to my low fat diet, and has finally said "If you don't want me, I'll just stop all together". I am glad it can be renewed also. I am not free of pain there yet, but I think I can be, and I will work towards that goal.

I am not yet right, but have a clearer head to make better decisions, and feel I am on the way. I am meeting so many people who are looking for the same path, and have helped me too. I believe that this is a God-driven search and I am happy to follow. Feel free to use my testimony or part of it, if another person can sleep better and avoid surgery, I'm all for it.

I am watching Sally Fallon's DVDs at present, and quietly my husband is listening and maybe one day, you never know, he may see the greater need for change too. I really think it isn't until we are down to the wire, that this happens and it such a pity.

much love to you, and prayers for the whole family


Melissa B

Dear Rachel

It is my great pleasure to provide you with a testimony.

Our son L was diagnosed with a severe lactose allergy when he was 6 mths old and a wheat allergy when he was 2. He did not gain weight for a year and had numerous other problems. We stuck to a wheat and dairy free diet for 5 years but alas recently at the age of 8 years old he crashed again he lost 3kg in 10 days and was a very very sickly boy with 6 weeks off school. He underwent lots of medical tests some very evasive but no diagnosis was made. A friend referred me to Rachel and Jennas Journey and we have never looked back. L is not afraid of food anymore and is now having organic wheat, butter and full cream milk, he is looking the best he has ever looked in his whole life. We cannot believe how easy it all is, real food! and no more allergies, just a major sensitivity to all the other nasties out there.

Sylvia W (Nov 08)
Bowel troubles healed as well as Glaucoma and Cataracts.

For 54 yrs I suffered from severe chronic constipation. I attended many doctors, specialists, a bowel colon-irrigation clinic, kineisiology clinic, buying many items from the health shops all to no avail and spending many hundreds of dollars. Several times having bowel blockages and having to go to hospital. Had 3 colonoscopies, 3 barium enemas and several xrays.
I had much pain, bloatedness, odour and a sense of unwellness and fatigue. I lived on laxatives of every kind.
I read in the paper where Rachel Tomkinson was holding a health seminar. I attended and received real hope. She kept saying "keep it simple" and for my problem the answer was saturated fats.
I put into action her teaching and found the ANSWER.
I detoxed for a few days and started taking a teaspoon of coconut oil daily, cooking in it also, dripping, lard, butter, etc and drinking real cows milk.
I cleaned out my pantry of all foods that had harmful chemicals, preservatives, etc in them. I have found that cooking with saturated fats add such flavour to my meals that I didn`t need to add anything else. I now feel well and have so much more energy.
I am so grateful to Rachel and for her standing against the tide of opposition over saturated fats and I have found this woman has a real heart for people and to see them healthy. I thank God for you Rachel in showing me the way to health.

In August of last year (07) I went to update my glasses at my optician and upon examination they referred me to the eye specialist. In February of this year (08) I saw the specialist and was told that I had glaucoma in the left eye and the beginning of cataracts forming in both eyes. I had to put drops in both eyes each night and was told that they could be maintained but no cure for the glaucoma.
I went back for a further examination in August (08) to have a scan of my eyes. The scanner asked me what condition I had in my eyes. I told him glaucoma and he said the scan revealed that behind my eyes were very healthy and didn`t understand me having glaucoma. I then had an eye pressure test taken again and then on to see the specialist.
He studied his computer screen for some length of time and asked me if I was Sylvia W, I said yes. He replied "its as if I am looking at another person". In Feb your eye pressure was high and it is now low and you haven`t got glaucoma and asked me "who told you have glaucoma?" I asked him at what stage was my cataracts at? He replied "you haven`t got cataracts". He gave me another examination and said you have got no cataracts and told me I didn`t need to see him again and told me to keep in touch with my optician.
I was delighted to hear this as over the last year I have changed my diet by eating saturated fats ++ and avoiding all excitotoxins and additives (which are hidden in our foods). This healing with my bowel and eyes came very SIMPLY by me just changing my diet! Thank you for leading me to the TRUTH.

Dianne H (June 2010)
Words that relate to information I have headed (delivered by Rachel at Better Bods)
Unbelievable that I was following the hype that we are fed instead of just feeding on the right natural unprocessed varieties of nutrition without being fooled by the fancy ads and packaging, convenience etc.
At that time doctors visits were the norm and antibiotics seemed to be the answer until another doctor found asthma was my problem. Consequently inhalers followed and then my thyroid was over active, also had swollen ankles, etc with fluid retention so fluid tablets were there along with losec for my indigestion, burning stomach problems. Had my flu jabs too. All that gone now which my doctor monitors. Two years later and still no drugs needed for the over active thyroid (something the Dr`s said I would need for the rest of my life). No problem with fluid now I have changed my diet plus drink pure green tea regularly which helps things to move! Home made ice cream is my stomach remedy if I have had a goo food which reacts to me immediately (much better than losec or quick ease). Asthma......whats that? Breathing easy now and also through winter no doctor visits or flu jabs. Only get the odd mild cold. Joints are good for a 62yr old must be the butter keeping them greased and intact.

I rest my case, so WHOO HOO to Rachel for all she has done for me.


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