Yvonne L (Had Coeliacs Disease)

Date: Feb 06


Age: 60

I have known Rachel for two and a half or so years. I attended three or four of her seminars on healthy eating and the damage that chemicals are doing to our bodies.

I was really shocked and angry when I heard how our foods (through processing) are being stripped of all their natural goodness and being replaced with chemicals, poisons and all sorts of dangerous additives.

I was horrified to learn of the effects that MSG have on us and also at how many products have this in them and that they are often hidden and disguised.

Rachel really opened my eyes about what is happening to our foods to prolong their shelf life.

She helped, guided and supported me to eliminate these and introduce more natural (organic when possible), fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and sensible amounts of good fats.

I am now a much healthier, happier, more energised nearly sixty years young wife, mother and Nana.

I have so much to thank Rachel for and I know I can never thank her enough. No longer do I suffer from Coeliacs disease, and I can now enjoy real stoneground wheat breads, scones, porridge, etc. My doctor was amazed.

I had occasion to visit Rachel at home three or four times and saw wee Jenna and what the Eczema was doing to her. It was so sad to see this beautiful wee girl suffering like that. It was amazing to see the results in just a short time when Rachel eliminated all the MSG type foods. Her skin is so lovely and clear now.

Rachel, you are a beautiful and very special person. Don't ever give up on your dream.


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