Julie P (Had allergies, IBS and asthma)

Date: Dec 06


Age: 36

This course has improved my health and lifestyle. Before I started this course I was tired at the end of each day. I would ear a number of fast foods because I believed this would save me time and thought it would give me longer rest time. I would also rub my itchy eyes each night which were red and sore and have to take my inhaler for asthma every night.

My stomach would often be bloated making wearing different clothes impossible as it caused me pain, this had been blamed on IBS.

Since completing Rachel's Lifestyle Commitment I cook again with foods Rachel recommends.

I have energy again.

I do not suffer from itchy sore eyes.

I do not take my inhaler anymore and I can wear whatever I want.

I feel like I am a whole person again with increased choices, not a slave to fast food, allergies or medications.


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