Vanessa Shearer (Had suffered from Chrons Disease)

Date: Dec 06


Age: 35

VanessaRach provided the inspiration, oomph, and information I had been searching for to help change my life and form better habits.

For 15 years I have struggled with health issues and had a love/hate relationship with food due to a bowel condition and the effects of food on me!

My weight fluctuated as a consequence and my energy levels were always low.

Combine this with a busy full-time career, part time study, significant family commitments and I am a solo parent, and no wonder I felt like ****

I am pleased to say I feel fantastic. People are noticing my vibrancy and energy levels. I love the changes to my body shape and feel so much better about myself. I am now on no medication "having gone completely natural" and have certainly not felt better for the last 15+ years.

All this with a new job challenge, a fantastic daughter of whom I am very proud, a busy life and I am finally out there dating again and life is great.

Thanks Rach (and team). You girls are great.

Whoo Hoo to the Better Bods Lifestyle!!!!

Read the article of the Timaru Herald concerning Vanessa's success stories.

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