Sylvia W (Had lazy bowel)

Date: Dec 06


Age: 66

Firstly I would like to say how very pleased I am that I attended the course.

I gained so much nutritional knowledge being there and hearing Rachel's teaching which was so easy to understand, which she delivered with clarity and humour and kept it rolling.

Each weekly night I was saddened when the time came to go home and looked forward to the next week.

I just somehow knew deep inside what she was sharing was right.

After many years of looking into health shops, reading so many books on health issues and spending lots of money on tablets, doctors fees etc., I believe I have now found the simple truth!

As a born-again Christian I can line up the teaching with scripture. There was an instant relief of a lazy bowel problem I have had for 53 years and what what with keeping to the right eating habits aerobics and resistance training, I know my health will continue to improve.

I had a very low bone density rating and with resistance exercise I believe the next scan will reveal such an increase in bone mass.

I throughly enjoy going to the gym, even though I am the oldest by far, but that doesn't worry me as I am going for the good of my health and I find everyone very friendly, especially the tutors.

I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone, as I believe you have to be there to gain the knowledge personally.

Good luck on your vision. Everyone needs to hear the message.


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