Melanie H (Less tired and more balanced)

Date: March 07


Age: 31

Even though I knew how the chemicals and preservatives in food were affecting our health, I was blown away by just how much.

What we are lead to believe by such organisations as Ministry of Health is just a load of crap. I can't believe that in such a little amount of time by switching to butter and dripping and eating foods that are whole and not full of unnecessary ingredients (chemicals etc) I feel better than I have for a while. I'm not as tired as I was so I'm able to get more things into a day, with two children that is excellent. I was already doing exercise before starting this course but now I feel with the nutrition side being revamped, I feel in balance.

We need to get back to the simple life and get out our recipe books and give ourselves a chance to experience real food ? not the plastic stuff that comes from a packet.

Thank you Rachel for letting me see that I'm not the only person who thinks like you do.


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