Leesa B (Less tired)

Date: March 07


Age: 38

Rachel's Lifestyle commitment course is truly one in a million.

A mixture of humour and tons of information all wrapped up in a non judgmental, supportive environment makes this class a winner in my opinion.

With Rachel's guidance and your own determination to make a change in your own life, it has got to have a flow on effect with friends, work mates and most importantly, your own family.

I hope that I can pass this great information on to my own children which I'm sure will not only extend their life expectancy but the quality of that life as well.

Since starting this course I have gradually altered my diet and exercise regime. I have found myself to be less tired, my skin has improved and the exercises have started to help a long term back injury, which I know will help me with my overall fitness long term ?

Cheers Rachel.


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