Roselle Winter (Facial Eczema)

Date: July 07



Just a note to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work uncovering the nasty effects of MSG and passing this information on to others. I bought your book/CD "Jenna's Journey" 6 weeks ago after struggling for 6 months with my daughter's facial eczema.

The doctors had just said it was a childhood "thing" that she would probably grow out of and that it was in no way food-related. I struggled to believe this and found information on your website about Jenna's amazing recovery. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but I was willing to give anything a shot because we were having such difficulty with spots/scratching/bleeding/scarring etc.

It's been six weeks since I removed MSG from Roselle's diet and the changes are AMAZING!! She hasn't had a single spot since then which is the first time she's gone more than a week without new spots since December 2006. I've found it pretty easy to avoid MSG at home, it's just a matter of reading labels but I find children's birthdays the hardest! Although, I've found the odd chip or cracker every now and then seems to not set her off. I think it was just a build-up from sausages, snacks, soups etc.

I've included two photos of Roselle. The first was taken on June 4th and this wasn't even her skin at its worst! The next is taken this week, July 19th, 6 weeks later.

Thanks again, our lives really have been changed and I really hope this beautiful skin continues.

Amanda Winter.


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