Richelle C (Cravings gone)

Date: August 07


Age: 38

I found the course very interesting and I learnt a lot about "nasties" in food (which I didn`t know about) and how it so important for my health and well being to avoid such chemicals and that REAL food is best!
I am starting to change my eating habits, attend regular Better Bods exercise classes along with my own exercise plan.
I am loving porridge every morning with cream and having butter back in my diet is great. I am gradually removing products from my cupboards which are not suitable and introducing new foods to the rest of my family. Rachel and her Lifestyle Commitment program has been an inspiration to me and after such a short time I feel GREAT! I don`t crave for the things I used to which were all BAD.

I am baking more and using some organic products,

Thank you,



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