Diabetic - Anonymous

Date: Dec 06


Age: 38

As a 38 year old type II diabetic, I was taking up to six metformin pills each and every day to keep my diabetes under control. I exercised regularly and thought I was eating a healthy diet. I had always followed a typical low fat diet and couldn`t understand why I was getting fatter and fatter.
I then attended Rachel`s Lifestyle Commitment course to learn about a healthier diet and way of life and have never looked back. I feel great, no longer take medication to control my diabetes, have lots of energy and have never felt healthier. My skin has even improved.
As a diabetic I have annual blood tests taken to keep an eye on cholesterol and other potential health issues and I did have a raft of these tests completed before changing the way I was eating. My doctor was supportive although she did think it was wise to keep a close eye on cholesterol levels.
A year ago, I had a healthy cholesterol level of 3.6 mmol (HDL - 1.9/LDL - 1.5). My results a year later showed a total cholesterol level of 3.5 mmol (HDL - 1.8/LDL - 1.4). I am satisfied that my new way of eating which includes much more saturated fat will not negatively affect my cholesterol.

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