Nicky G (Better Lifestyle, including exercise)

Date: Dec 06


Age: 48

I found the course to be very good and it gave me motivation that I needed to get my life back on track health and fitness wise.
The course was a real eye opener to me in regards to what I had been putting into my body in the food line. I now eat non-processed foods, butter, cream, YUM! and cook with dripping.
Thanks Rachel for opening the door to a better lifestyle for me, just working on husband now!!
Exercise too, including Band Fit is a regular part of my life and the inches coming off are a bonus. I enjoyed the workshops, meeting new people all with similar goals and the feedback each week on how things were going with each other.
Your enthusiasm is infectious and rubs off on people - GO GIRL!
Thanks again for introducing a better lifestyle for me - one that I am enjoying and thanks for the BAND FIT classes - "fitness No.1"with a smile, very friendly and enjoyable......THANKS.



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