Vicki S (healthier and happier)

Date: March 07


Age: 37

Thanks Rachel! The course has been fantastic! Very, very scary at times especially when I realised what I was eating! Prior to the course I was trying to be sensible, some sort of exercise everyday, and by eating and drinking everything that is recommended by our so called Nutritionists, yep that was me if it had the health tick, diet, trim or low fat I would buy it! How wrong was I!!!
Whe I filled out my enrolment form for the course I listed one of my objectives I wanted to feel better about myself and I can honestly say now I definately do! Both physically and mentally. I am not tired like I had been, am sleeping better, things that used to irritate me, now don`t even matter.
My diet has changed completely, no to "more sad goo". I am loving real food, my cream and butter and dripping (roast chicken has never tasted so good). The man at the organic shop even seems to recognise me now. Not only has my diet changed but my whole attitude to exercise has changed, I don`t feel guilty if I have`nt done some sort of exercise every single day of the week, as I now know that quality, not quantity, exercise 3 to 4 times per week is better for me and now really look forward to exercise instead of thinking of it as a chore.
Over the last 5 weeks I have met some awesome people, and had heaps of fun as well as learning so much, the support and ideas from everyone else in the class has been great. Thanks to all the girls on the course.
Thanks heaps Rachel for all your encouragement, support, all your knowledge and sharing your program with me, I feel healthier and happier than I have in a very long time and I now know I am well on my way to a much BETTER BOD!

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