Karen N (Life changing)

Date: May 07


Age: 44

This would have to be one of the most stimulating and life changing courses I have ever attended. Over 5 weeks I learnt to understand the importance of regular exercise or work out our body requires and how to refuel our bodies with natural, full fat foods - eating real foods.
To learn the astonishing facts about our eating habits of low fat foods, processed foods and MSG was mind blowing and frightening. In our ever so busy society food is prepared or purchased for quick convenience, there is no consideration or real awareness of what is in our foods and the harm it can cause to ourselves. With Rachel`s guidelines and food plans the ingredients and foods in my fridge and kitchen cupboards have changed dramatically over the weeks. These have now been replaced with more natural and wholesome foods. I never thought in this lifetime would I be eating porridge with full cream, poached eggs, roasts cooked in dripping. Believing this was all good.
In 5 weeks I feel more energised, motivated, content with myself. Eating habits have changed dramatically, satisfying the needs of my body, the cravings to eat rubbish and satisfy my sweet tooth have gone. I recommend this course to all, no matter what shape or size, the benefits are huge, life changing for yourself and families.......WHOO HOO

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