Suzanne P (Beyond my expectations)

Date: September 07


Age: 52

Have just been to my first band fit class, really enjoyed, came away with a bounce in my step, very friendly comfortable environment to exercise in, so very different from the "gym". I will be definately going again.
I have found the course very, very informative to say the least. I had no idea so much of our food is contaminated with so many pollutants and chemicals, etc. I had always read the nutritional information on labels and thought our food choices were good ones, however I failed to look closely at the "actual ingredients", which I have dicovered I would have needed a chemical dictionary to decipher anyway.
Course content has been excellent, beyond my expectations, I have learnt so much in the past weeks and am working hard toward making wholesome/eco choices in relation to our purchases of food, skincare/cosmetics, cleaners etc.

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